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Adoption Events

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Saturdays from 12-3pm

Rain or Shine!

General Feed & Seed

1900 Commercial Way

Santa Cruz, CA

-See map below-

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What to Expect

Preparing for adoption

We like to make adoption from Four Paws to Love fun and easy!  You can drop by anytime during our event and meet our kitties, no appointment necessary.   We have a special tent set up so you can get to know them outside of their kennel and see their unique personalities.  We are either outside in front of the store or inside the store.  If you don't see us outside then come on in!  

Here are some things to know before you come so that you can be prepared to bring home the purrfect addition to your family.

Spay/Neuter policy:  All of our animals MUST be spayed or neutered before they are allowed to go to their new home. Most of our animals will have been altered before they come to our adoption events. However, if we have a smaller number of available kittens some will be offered before their surgeries in a "pre-adopt" situation.  This means that you can reserve them by paying the adoption fee and then, as soon as they are spayed/neutered and have a few days of recovery, they will be released into your care and the adoption will be processed.


Do what?

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Applications:  Please fill out and submit an application prior to your visit with us.  It will make things go faster and smoother if you are already pre approved.  The application tells us about your family and what you are looking for in a pet.  It will help us to find the perfect new family member for you! 

Applications can be found here:

Cat Adoption Application

Dog Adoption Application

What to bring:

  • Your entire family

If everyone involved in the care of the pet comes, it minimizes the possibility of returning the animal because one or more of your family members does not agree with the choice or doesn't make a "connection" with the pet. We also like to help you parents out by talking with the kids about responsible pet ownership. It also makes it so much more fun!

  • A copy of your lease

If you are a renter, we need proof that you are allowed to have a pet on your premises.  This alleviates the possibility that pets are returned because landlords discover an unapproved pet on their property.

  • A kennel

We will not release one of our babies without a proper kennel for the journey to their new home.

We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously.  Our event procedures have temporarily been changed during this unusual time. Here is a list of the precautions we are taking to keep our volunteers, our adopters, and the employees of General Feed & Seed safe. Please cooperate with all instructions or you will be asked to leave the adoption event.


  • All family members must wear a mask when in the proximity of the adoption event, no exceptions!

  • Please maintain social distancing by staying at least 6 feet from others while in line to check in or out and 6 feet behind the caution tape surrounding the event.

  • When you arrive please check in and you will be given a number and directed to stand back away from the event until your number is called. 

  • When we are ready for you we will call out your number and you will be allowed to take a look at the kittens and talk with the foster parent about their personalities.

  • When you see an animal that you are interested in you will be taken into our tent meet-and-greet area and our volunteers will assist you and answer any questions.

  • When you find the animal that you would like to adopt you will be directed back to the check in table where you will pay your adoption fee and be given an adoption folder

  • Take your new baby home (don't forget your kennel) and give them lots of love!

Hand sanitizer will be provided and the adoption area will be cleaned thoroughly after each appointment.

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